BP Admitting to Loss Of Property Value

Looking at the papers coming from the main Claims facility for BP Claims, it looks to me like BP are admitting to the point of lower house evaluations because of the oil spill. Take a look at it with me and see if my reasoning are not correct.

From the latest report from the oil spill claims head quarter in Ohio, Mr. Feinberg put out the following in his October 6 2010 report:

” Payments made to real estate brokers and agents as part of a separate fund: $34.5 million ”

Now it looks like the real estate brokers has been able to show the BP claims office that they have had losses as they could not sell their houses because of the oil spill.. They cannot sell their houses because of  the oil spill and nobody wants to buy a house where there is oil in the ocean or on the beach.

So it looks like to me  like the real estate agents has just proved and made a case for all the home owners and their loss of property value how else could the real estate agents get money ?

If BP has already admitted responsibility for the loss of the real estate agents in the same instance they have to admit that the oil spill has resulted in a loss of property value for the home owners located near the oil spill, mainly Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. I am sure that a court cases has to be decided first before everybody can get on board with a class action law suit, but for sure the oil spill lawyers will take this to trial and create a landmark case that everybody else can follow to get their oil spill property loss out of the BP claims fund.

I think this is very good news for the home owners that are affected by the oil spill. If you have not already I would suggest that you contact and oil spill attorney so he can go over the option you have to get your BP claim for loss of property value.