GCCF Cheating People with Multiple Claims

Lately I’ve been hearing from a lot of people with more than one claim about how the GCCF has cheated them. The GCCF has a lot of different ways of tricking you out of money you deserve, but this one is really devious. This is how it works. Let’s say you own three businesses and you participated in the VOO (Vessels of Opportunity) Program. You should be getting paid for five claims: One personal claim because you are making less personally from your businesses, three claims (one for each business), and one claim for VOO. The GCCF will send you the paperwork for one claim. You think it’s a fair offer or you just don’t have any other choice, so you go ahead and sign off and take the money from the GCCF for that one claim.

How The GCCF Cheats You

Now they have you. The GCCF sneaks fine print into the release you sign that says you release them and all the companies involved in the spill from “any and all claims.” What this means is that even though they only paid you for one claim, you have waived your rights for all your other claims, including all of the work you did for BP for Vessels of Opportunity.

The GCCF is playing a shell game with your life

GCCF lies to cheat you

Even if you don’t own a business, but you worked for BP through VOO and have a personal claim, they can still cheat you. They’ll just offer you money for whatever claim is lowest first, and once you sign THEN the GCCF will tell you that you can’t get money for any other claims.

What to Watch Out For with the GCCF

If you are like many gulf coast residents, you have more than one claim. BP screwed up a lot of people’s livelihoods and property. If ¬†you are filing your claims with the GCCF, be VERY careful to read through the entire release they send you, even the small print. If you see anything in there that says you “release any and all claims” and you see a big list of all the corporations involved in the spill, DO NOT SIGN!

The GCCF will do anything they can to keep from paying you what you deserve, and we hear from more and more people every day who have lost their right to get paid back for all the damage BP did because of this underhanded trick.

If You Want To Make Absolutely Sure the GCCF Doesn’t Cheat You

It can be really hard to dig through all of the fine print and complicated legal wording on your own. My recommendation is to get some professional help with your claim. You don’t have to sue anyone if you don’t want to, but the GCCF pays attention when you say that you have representation, and they will be a lot less likely to try to trick you out of your compensation.

Even if they do try to trick you, a professional can help to catch it before you lose your rights to get reimbursed for the damage THEY did. If you have more than one claim and you want to make sure the GCCF doesn’t pull the rug out from under you, feel free to fill out the free case review box on the side of the page and someone will be in touch with you soon.

BP Final Settlement or Lawsuit For Christmas

Victims of the largest oil spill in US history will have some tough choices to make come November 23 2010, when the oil spill fund opens up for a one time BP final settlement on victims BP claims. The BP final settlement would take away people right to sue for future looses due to the BP oil spill in exchange for a larger sums of money today.

BP Final Settlement

November 23 2010 is also the deadline for the 6 month Emergency Claim that most people have filled for to get their BP claims, this BP claim form will stop and a new 3 month Temporary BP claim for 3 month payments will take over and run for another 3 years.

It is Mr. Feinbergs hope he told people Yesterday that people will take the BP Final Settlement option to avoid lawsuits and give people the piece of mind to put this oil spill damage behind them.

BP Final Settlement should be high !

Mr. Feinberg said he would propose final settlement payments high enough to be more attractive for victims, so fewer people select to go the long road with years of litigation and legal fees. We know that if somebody wants to sue and not take the final settlement from BP attorney’s are ready with a No Pay No Cure option that would cost victims nothing upfront and only something off the backend when the lawsuit was over and money was received. The numbers I have seen for an attorney taking your oil spill claim to trial is 20-25% of the amount won at trial.

In the past 8 weeks, 275,000 BP Claims where filed with the oil spill fund and 90,000 of these BP claims where paid, totaling $ 1,7 Billion, the fund has a total of 3 billion right now to give out with another 2 billion coming into the fund in December 2010.

Feinberg Pushing BP Final Settlement on people

Mr. Feinberg also said the following Yesterday, “If people give me documentation with their BP claim, I will bend over backwards to find them eligible and pay them their BP claim” I think for many this are really good news, now its just getting your BP claim filed and give them enough documentation for them to approve it.

When it comes to the BP final settlement we would have to wait and see at what numbers the oil spill fund are going to offer people before we can judge where it will go from there.