Corexit and Gulf Coast Health Problems

If you haven’t heard of Corexit, you should consider yourself lucky. Corexit is the main oil dispersant that BP used to “clean up” its spill, and it is a substance that BP exposed a huge number of cleanup workers to. Corexit is also extremely toxic. People exposed to Corexit have shown symptoms from severe headaches, to seizures, difficulty breathing, and even bloody stools. This is nasty stuff.

Even after the EPA ordered BP to stop using Corexit, they continued to spray it for several months. And not only that, but BP also decided not to allow cleanup workers to wear respirators or other protective gear while working around Corexit. Other than just being pure evil, the only reason to do that would be that gas masks make for bad photo ops. If pictures got out of cleanup workers wearing respirators while spraying Corexit, what would that say about what Corexit was doing to the gulf itself?

Corexit is BP’s best kept secret

A boat sprays Corexit onto an oil patch

BP's lovely contribution to the Gulf of Mexico

Corexit: What is a dispersant anyway?

So let’s get this straight. BP, knowing full well that Corexit is toxic and extremely hazardous not only decided to spray it in the gulf, but also intentionally prevented all of its cleanup workers from protecting themselves, just so the people wouldn’t know how horribly Corexit was damaging the gulf.

Corexit Dispersant Not Good For Your Health.

There’s more… Corexit is a dispersant, and dispersing is exactly what it does to oil; it just spreads it around. Where did all that oil go? Well, it either went deeper into the ocean, along with the toxic Corexit, where it caused even more harm than it would have on the surface, or it went into the atmosphere only to be rained down hundreds of miles away, potentially damaging farmland, rivers, and other property.

So why in the world would BP use Corexit? The same reason they wouldn’t allow their workers to protect themselves from it: the longer the oil stayed on the surface of the ocean, the longer the cameras would shoot footage of it. Can’t have that. What’s a few thousand people’s health, or an entire ecosystem, compared to some bad PR? Corexit it is.

If you have been exposed to Corexit, and especially if you have developed symptoms, the first thing you need to do is SEE A DOCTOR! Not all doctors are familiar with the effects of Corexit, but there are definitely doctors out there who know about it and how to recognize and try to treat it.

The best way to find a doctor who knows how to help a Corexit patient is to contact a law firm and ask what doctor they use for their clients. You don’t even need to sign up with them if you don’t want to, just find out what doctor they use for Corexit claims and you will know at least one doctor who can help you. Good luck! And spread the word about BP’s use of Corexit so that their image is just as black as the oil they dumped into our coast.

Are The Gulf Coast Claims Facility Doing Enough ?

Since the oil spill people where first very worried that BP would not stand up to their bold statement that everybody would get compensated that had a legitimate claim, now looking back after the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has taken over many people wish that BP where here again doing the claims work them self as its really a mixed bag of approvals and especially denials coming out of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF).

Many people can believe it that BP promised all that and delivered on their promise until they let somebody else take over. Its almost like they washed their hands and gave the lawyer Mr. Feinberg the task of making this oil spill cost them as little as possible. Now Mr. Feinberg is saying that maybe 10 billion will be enough to settle all claims. Well that sounds good for BP as Mr. feinberg is denying claim after claim. Right now the claims approved are only approved after hard pressure on GCCF by lawyers and other to get claims tough a system that at best is a roll of the dice if your claim is getting approved.

Improve your chances with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

So what can you do to improve your chances with the GCCF after talking to lots of people and seen thousand of emails flooding in to my inbox, I can tell you this about the claims process: You have to land in a category that they have to get your claim approved. If you have lost money because people did not want their grass cut as they lost their job because of the oil spill and could not pay you to cut their grass anymore, you will not get your claim approved. Its just not a category they have setup. So people that rely on other people that have been affected by the oil spill. So for easy writing lets call it 2nd link to the oil spill. People affected by their clients being affected will not get paid without contacting a lawyer. Its simply because they will see how closely related to the spill your income are. So lets say that you work a restaurant at Pensacola Beach and you lost income because of the oil spill,  your claim will be paid. There is a category for you at the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Apply in the right category and your final claim will be approved. Also proximity to the beach is important to the claim filing if you get approve or denied.

Visiting the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

Look at it as a job and go visit your local Gulf Coast Claims Facility, get to know the person that handle your claims, get to talk to them about your claim, make then see what is up with your claim. Pressure on the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will help your claim getting approved. If they tell you to change something on your claim, listen to them. From all the email I have gotten it is clear that  just looking at the Internet if your claim as been approve or denied is not enough, most success comes from people that go to their local GCCF and meets with the people there and make them look at your claim.

Make copies of all your claim paper work, its sound strange but one of the most common things I hear is that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has lost somebodies paperwork, I am not sure what kind of filing system they use but many times it sounds like they file it vertical and peoples paper work is never to be found again. So keep you claims form and back up paperwork handy chances are you have to submit it more than once.

If the Gulf Coast Claims Facility Denies Your Claim

Many hundreds of thousand people have gotten a letter from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility that their oil spill claim has been denied, its not the end of the road, you have to keep going. Make somebody review your claim and see if they made a mistake. The Final Claim application should be submitted and if you think going with an attorney will help your case talk to one or have it review by our team of attorney’s here on this page. Make sure that you keep what is coming to you and make sure that your claim does not get lost in the massive Gulf Coast Claims Facility system. If you have a legitimate claim you need to get paid  to keep the roof over your head and to feed your family. Contact a CPA an Attorney or who ever you think can help you with your claim and get it filed. Don’t let BP and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility get over on you, file it again.