Individual BP Claim

The following is a list of individual BP Claim possibilities, if any of them applies to you its time to go an file your BP claim. You do not have to live near the gulf of Mexico to be eligible to file an individual BP claim. If you where coming to Destin Florida for your wedding that was planned but had to scrap it because of the oil on the beaches you are entitled to file an individual BP claim. If you had a rental house reserved all year in Pensacola beach but had to cancel because of the oil on the beaches, you lost of deposit would be something you could use as an individual Bp claim. You don’t have to live on the coast to have had a lost from the oil spill here.

A lost vacation is reason for a Individual BP Claim

Individuals that has been damages by the BP Oil Spill can submit a BP Claim to the Gulf Coast Claim Facility (GCCF). The claim can be submitted for the following cost or lost

Individual BP Claim

1. Oil Removal cost

2. Oil Clean Up Cost

3. Damage to real property (house, , car, boat)

4.Damage to personal property

5. Lost of earnings

6. Use of Natural Resources

7.Physical Injury or Death.

Remember this with your Individual BP Claim

You do not waive or release any legal rights by filing a claim for Emergency Advance Payments with the GCCF. If you apply for Final Payment and the GCCF finds that you are eligible for Final Payment then you will be required to sign a Release to receive a Final Payment.