New Option From GCCF Is It Worth It ?

Are you tired of waiting for your claim from the BP Oil Spill? Was your original emergency claim denied? Planning on filing a final claim? Not sure where to even start? Well, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) has a new option for you.

Quick Claim From GCCF

It promises to get you money quick. If you apply immediately, an individual hurt by the oil spill in April will get a quick check for $5,000. A business can get $25,000. This can all be yours within two weeks. Does this sound too good to be true? If it does, you might be right.

Denied Emergency Claims From GCCF Should File Again

Millions of people affected by the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil spill filed early claims. Many of these were denied, mostly because their paperwork was not in order. The deadline to file early claims expired last month. Now your only option is to file a final claim. This is supposed to be a one time, one size fits all solution. You file your paperwork and you are reimbursed for your claims from the $20 billion fund that BP set aside with the GCCF. The deadline to file this claim is August of 2013. If you need money quicker, you can take a cash advance on this final claim by filling for quarterly claims. Any money you get from these quarterly claims will be deducted from your final claim, if you are approved for one.

Amount of paper work requested at GCCF

Getting all this paperwork together in order to prove your claim may take years. A lot of people have been suffering without money for months now because of the damage done by BP. So, now the GCCF is offering these “quick pay” options to get you money now, instead of later. You can avoid the long arduous process of tracking down paperwork, filling out forms, and playing the waiting game. Kenneth Feinberg, who is in charge of the GCCF, even says he will send your final claim money to you within two weeks. $5,000 for individuals and $25,000 for businesses all for checking a simple box on a form and mailing it in. The catch? You have to agree not to ever sue British Petroleum and you can never get another claim from the GCCF.

Is this new GCCF Final Claim Option Worth It

Is this worth it to you? It might be. Those of you who are hurting now can get immediate relief. But, once you get this quick check that is it. You are done. BP is done with you. That little box you check says you relinquish your rights to any future claims or complaints. If you think you will make more, or you deserve more, than the quick pay amounts, you might want to wait. Take the time to get your claims paperwork together and you might get more for your trouble. Perhaps you may want to sue BP or join a class action law suit. If you take this quick money, you lose the right to do any of those things.

So think about it carefully. Maybe $5,000 is all you need. Maybe it is more than you imagined you would ever get. In that case, fill out the form and get it to the GCCF. Get your quick payout now. But just keep in mind that if you think you deserve more or that you can prove your claim for more, then you really need to stop and think about taking the easy payout. Once you do that, your days of dealing with the GCCF are over. Choose wisely.

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