Because of the recent events involving a series of energy related tragedies, including the explosion at a huge oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, some are groups are considering the use of Nuclear power as an alternative option. According to experts, nuclear power is a more environmentally friendly and a safer source of electricity.

With these recent catastrophes that have happened which caused a number of lives, property losses and even health risk problems, a lot of people are now questioning the benefits of using the conventional fossil fuels. However, majority are still in doubt as to the advantages of switching to nuclear power, not forgetting the major catastrophe that happened in Chernobyl.

The main consequence of using nuclear power if ever a disaster results from it is radioactive fallout, which can be much more badly than any major oil spill as the radiation that will be created will be fatal to all living things. Radiation can also last for a long time, which might cause mutation and diseases to the population that has been affected.

However, scientists are countering these skeptics, saying that nuclear power is a safe and clean source of electricity and that the major problem mentioned is just a result of neglected research and use.