Restaurant Owners Are Not Getting Paid By GCCF

After talking to two restaurant owners this morning on the phone,  I can see a picture forming of how the GCCF tries to limit final claims payment to these people.

The real problem is that GCCF is supposed to do  fair calculations of your real losses in the past, and a fair calculation of estimated losses in the future.

Why is it in the best interest of GCCF to make this as small as possible is hard to understand. Why are they not acting as truly independent is also  hard to understand.

It would be like a claims adjuster coming out to an accident and saying; If you just use a little duct tape on the front bumper my insurance company can save $500, so lets just agree that you do that and if you don’t accept that expect to wait 6 month for your payment.

Why would it be in the best interest of GCCF to save BP money like that, while screwing the victims of the oil spill. How are people dealing with GCCF ever going to trust them.

Why is the GCCF Being Stingy With The Money ?

Its the same story I hear from everybody I talk to, they are giving me the run around. They promised me a payment 2 months ago,  and here we are, and still they are asking for more paper work or giving me other excuses of why I don’t have my claims check here now.

So the real reason behind this delay and deny tactic is very simple if you think about it.

The GCCF is being funded by BP with 1.25 billion each quarter until  20 billion dollars are reached. To us normal people 1.25 billion sounds like a lot of money, but for the GCCF there is a real possibility of them running out of money.

So for that not to happen, they are trying to wear everybody down and delay as many payments as they can delay. Your best option is to stay the course and keep putting pressure on the GCCF to get your money.

Don’t give in when they offer you small money to sign, don’t let them bully you to take a smaller settlement than should be getting. There will be many rounds of settlement, first a letter starting with the smaller numbers and increasing the numbers as time goes by. All this BS can be taken away by contacting an attorney and let them handle your case for you. They know the games that are being played, and they know how to get the right amount of money from you claim. That is what they do for a living.

Restaurant owners why are they getting singled out by the GCCF

Well the first answer to that question is they are not, GCCF is treathing everybody the same way and its pretty shitty if  I can say it that way. So here is a page from there play book on a legitimite claim of  $100,000.

This is an example:

How  the GCCF settles a Claim. This is what I have observed

1) Offer the owner $25,000 Quick Pay to sign away his rights to ever sue over the claim again. January 2011

2) Offer the owner $40,000 as a final claims payment. March 2011

3) Offer the owner $60,000 June 2011 ( how its done in other cases)

4) Offer the owner $80,000 Dec 2011 (how its done in other cases)

So what will this do to the owner of the restaurant as times goes by, he will be more and more willing to settle the longer it drags out, but will get more money the longer he waits. Lets look at the same senario if you was to retain an attorney.

Attorney’s Play book to settle a claim

1) Attorney gives GCCF a settlement offer of $250,000 to settle the claim now March 2011

2) GCCF settles or refuses the offer.

3) Attorney informs GCCF that his clients are recuring more losses because of the bad summer and tourist season but will offer the GCCF a settlement offer of $350,000 June 2010

3) GCCF settles or refuses the offer

4) Attorney gives GCCF a last offer before filing suit of $400,000 or a trial date will be setup where the attorney will prove the loss of his client

5) GCCF settles, or make a counter offer around $250,000 -$300,000 as they don’ t want to try the case in court.

The way things works when you use an attorney is that you drive the car and your attorney makes the decision you are not just a passenger that has to eat McDonald’s because that is where the driver wants to take you. When ever the GCCF makes a counter offer you will know the offer and it will be your decision to accept or deny the offer.

So you have to make the decision do you want to be the driver or the passenger when you livelihood is at stake here.