Review Of The Deepwater Horizon Settlement

First I want to say how surprise I am seeing how well run the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is compared to how terrible the GCCF was done (BP run with puppet Feinberg). The numbers of payments made in a year 2.5 billion dollars and offers made in a year 3.7 billion dollars. That is quite impressive. I also want to mention how well they have ramped up after starting real slow in the Summer and Autum 2012 they have really processed some claims the last 6 month. In December 2012 they where at 20,000 notices given in a month and in May/June 2013 they are at almost 40,000 notices per month. That is impressive.

First we saw mostly seafood claims and VOO claims being processed but now we are seeing a good mix of business losses and real estate claims getting notices also. Even the Appeal process have worked really well, following the letter of the settlement and the changes the judge has approved the appeals process is running really well for us.

Now I wish I could keep writing nice things about the Deepwater Horizon settlement because that would mean that everybody was getting paid, but there are still some problems that I will outline here.

Individual In The Deepwater Horizon Settlement

Now here is the problem, we are seeing 31,000 people filing a claim against BP but most are coming up incomplete as they cannot get all the documents together to file a correct claim. Most individuals do not get approved in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. I would say that most individuals that are waiting to get paid or have received an incomplete notice should visit a Deepwater Horizon Claims center. I did just over 6 month ago and they are very nice there, they will help you with what documents are needed and what you need to provide to file your claim. Now you may ask if my claim has been paid, and I will have to tell you NO. Because as you might know I live on the beach in Navarre, FL and on the Deepwater Horizon Settlement maps of my property there where oil right up to my property on the east side and oil right up to my property on the west side but of course where my property is on the beach there where no oil. So I ask the nice people at the Deepwater Horizon Settlement center in Ft. Walton beach about what could be done. They told me about these government maps that I should submit with my claim, showing them that in fact there where oil on my property. I did that and now I have been in “expert map review since February” so I am confident they are taking a real real long look at it.

Back to individuals that are incomplete or have not gotten a notice yet. Visit the Deepwater Horizon Settlement centers near you go into them and give them your claims number and let them look up on the computer what it says is missing or what you need to do to move your claim to a payment status. Here is a list of the local centers.

Call them first to see if you need an appointment else just visit them and see what they say, bring your drivers license and claim number if you have it.

For individuals this is the only way to get paid if your documents are not complete, find out what is missing and correct it. If you wait you will not get paid.

The Ugly Face Of BP In The Deepwater Horizon Settlement

The reason this is working so well is because its court supervised and not run by a BP puppet like Kent Feinberg. What a joke and the biggest joke is he keeps getting jobs like this because everybody things he is doing a great job. He just got the task of dividing the money out for the Boston Marathon Bombing. What a joke he is but he will get his judgement when he meets his maker its not for me to decide.

So the Ugly face of BP will come out really soon. First if you have not noticed their advertising campaign both in print and on TV that they think the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is unfair to them. Yes they sign it but they also told their shareholders that it would only cost them 8.6 billion. I think I told all you guys when they sign that settlement agreement it would cost them no less then 15 billion for the settlement and another 20-30 billion on the trial that will follow. But since BP told their shareholders 8.6 billion they have now appealed the settlement to the 5th circuit where they hope and pray I am sure the terms of the settlement and the ruling of judge Barbier will be reversed. (I don’t think so) but we will see the ruling is in August 2013.

Also if by chance they win one could imagine that BP would go after people that have already been paid and ask for the money back. They would do this with the appeal win in the 5th circuit but if they won the PSC (plaintiff steering committee) would appeal it to the Supreme court and it would take another 1-2 years. But there is a chance that BP would file lawsuits against people already paid by the BP settlement to recover money that according to them should not have been paid out. We will have to see.

Another Ugly face of BP is all those TV ads with everything is OK now in the Gulf Of Mexico and we have cleaned up and spend all this money doing it. I am sure these ads are designed to tamper with the jury pool so when all these OPA trials comes up 1-2 years from now the jury will only remember the TV spots that everything in the Gulf is good again. The only way that plan will work is if they get the judge to move the trial from the coastal areas else the jury pool will no exactly how BP and the GCCF screwed around for 2 years and gave people $5,000 at Christmas time if they would sign off. That little stunt probably saved BP 1-2 billion dollars. I see many $5,000 Quick Pay that would have been $100,000 in the settlement. SO if you ever get picked for Jury duty remember what happened and how BP screwed the locals.

Last section and I promise I will be done talking. Another Ugly face of BP is how they hired people from other states to do clean up work and not locals. The locals can thank God for that but at the time people where mad about it. Here is the real reason why. BP did not want the local people to get sick as it would point towards the clean up chemicals used like Corexit. So if they hired people from all over it would not look like a concentrated mass of sick people. There would be sick people all over and they could argue it was other things that made them sick and not the clean up work.

People that live in Grand Isle was not as lucky and today the storries from there are terrible and I really feel bad for them for the problems the clean up and spraying Corexit has done to them. I hope they get together with a good lawyer and file suit for the problems it has caused them.

BP Bad Gas Lawsuit Join It Now

Our phone lines have been flooded with yet another BP mishap, the bad BP gas that was sold in Indiana and Illinois has affected over 10,000 people with cars that will not start and other engine problems.

BP has recalled its gas that contained a higher level of polymeric residue that could stall engines and make it hard for them to start. As always BP has been quick with a cheap solution to the problem. “let us pay your repair bills and the gas that you bough”.

Well that might not be all that it will cost you to have put gas in your car at a BP gas station.

What will happen to your car in 1 year because of the bad BP gas you bought, will your engine hold up ? What about other income you lost because of your car breaking down because of BP’s bad gas ? What about the inconvenience that the car break down had on you and your family ? Is the repair cost and the gas cost enough compensation for what happened when you choose BP for your gas purchase and your car broke down. Did you have to get a rental car ?

BP Bad Gas Lawsuit

BP Bad Gas Lawsuit

We have helped the people in the gulf for 2 years after the worst oil spill in US history get lawyers to fight BP, now it looks like we can help again getting people the compensation they need from purchasing bad BP gas. Please stop the calls and just fill out a form on the right hand side, just put in your contact information and in the comment filed put Bad BP GAS and we will get your information to the lawyers going after BP forĀ  full compensation for your trouble with BP. Let the lawyers fight with BP they will get you the compensation you deserve. Fill out a form now.