Two Types Of BP Claims

If you are a business or individual that have been affected by the BP oil spill its you right to file one or more BP claims using the BP claims form that is available on this page. First a few words about the BP claims process and what to expect.

Emergency Advance Payment BP Claims Form

If you have gathered the necessary paper work to support your BP claim, could be W2, tax returns, income statement etc, the first steep you need to take is to file your BP Claim for Emergency Advance Payment, this claim and payment will be part of your final payment claim. This claim will be for what you have lost up to the point of you filing the claim. It does not mean that if you filed a claim in August you cannot file another BP claim in September. You can file as many Advance Payment BP claims as you feel is necessary and that you feel you have supporting documentation for. Remember there is a deadline on the Emergency Advance Payment Claim, you have to have filed your claim beforeĀ  November 23 2010

The Emergency Advance Payment does not mean you give away your right to file a oil spill lawsuit against BP on a later date or from receiving this payment BP does not owe you anything else, this is just to keep your bills paid and to keep you covered for the lost of income or wages you have had.

Final BP Claims Payment

The Final claim payment is when you give away your rights to ever claim damages against BP again for this oil spill. This is where in my opinion you need an oil spill attorney by your side to advice you of your rights and what you should expect to get as a final claim payment from BP. There is also a deadline on the Final claim payment and it is August 23 2013. By this date you have to have your final claim payment in. It is of course BP’s hope that many people will forget about the final claim payment and only take advantage of the first claims process. Here is what you have to remember if you are going to file a Final Claim Payment with BP. Will the oil spill effect me or my business in the future. If you lost 3 month of work in the summer but are now back to work, maybe it will not effect you anymore, but what if you where a waiter and was hoping to get back to work, next summer the tourist might not come back and you need to keep these things in mind when filing your final claim payment paperwork. Again please contact an oil spill attorney to help you though this process.

Using an Oil Spill Attorney

When you go though the BP claims process as a individual or as a business owner its important to realize how much an oil spill attorney can do for you as a person or your business. They have hundreds of clients going though the same process you are and they have the resources to keep the pressure on BP and the claims offices to keep you BP claims moving in the right direction for you. Don’t forget to consider this before you sign your name on a final claims payment from BP as this marks the end of BP liability to your as a person or your business.

BP Claims Form

If you are looking to file your BP Claims you need to first complete a BP claims form, you can find this document here. BP Claim Form