Boat Owners In VOO Program Gets New BP Claims

New BP Claims battle is going on right now this time not with the GCCF but a separate track directly in court with the boats that helped BP clean up the largest oil spill in US history.

The Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) program that BP put in place after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, has now turn out to be another legal battle ground as BP did not pay according to their charter contract.

BP Claims GCCF


More than 4,800 boat’s participated in the VOO program and according to court papers boat owners in this program could have BP Claims in the amount of $150,000 – $250,000 dollars as the charter contract that BP sign with the boat owners are now disputed.

It has to do with around the clock pay as that was the charter contract that BP sign with the boat owners was a start to finish contract, not a 8 hour a day contract.

So if you where a boat owner in the VOO program you can imagine what kind of money we are talking about that is still owed to you by BP.

GCCF stays out of the VOO BP Claims Discussion

Many VOO boat owners have tried to file their BP Claims with the GCCF but they have said in every single case that they are not responsible for paying VOO BP Claims. That is why the VOO Claims are running on a fast track with the courts in Louisiana. If you where in the VOO program please fill out a free case review and talk to an attorney about getting sign up for this separate track BP Claims process and get paid what is owed to you for doing your job when BP needed you the most.

The process of getting all 4,500 boat owners together and put on a united front with BP over lost pay is a huge task but if you let us know that you where one of the boat owners we will have one less person to find and you will be part of the settlement when it comes from BP on the VOO program.

BP Claims Getting Paid By The GCCF In A Steady Stream Now

In other news a new strategy by the attorney’s to send an OPA (Oil Pollution Act) demand letter with your interim / final claim to the GCCF has really started to paying off. We are seeing lots of BP Claims getting paid right now.

We are seeing about 40% of all BP Claims going though attorney’s getting an offer back right away that the clients accepts. That means lots of BP claims being paid and people can be done with this process. If you are one of the people having been helped by us please tell your friends about us.

The question is now what happens to the 60% that does not get an immediate offer they can accept on their BP Claims processed by an attorney ? The people that fall in this category, GCCF is sending out an offer that is to low for the client to accept. An attorney will go to the GCCF and base on your evaluation done in the claim processing department they will negotiate that offer up where the client can accepts it. These offers that are coming in after an attorney evaluation is done on a claim are high we are talking multipliers of 3 – 4 times your 2010 losses. The GCCF is paying you a multiplier of 1.8 times your 2010 losses. So going with an attorney and not an questionable consultant is key here.

If you are still dealing with the GCCF its time to give up on them and go with an attorney that has processed more than 7,000 BP Claims. They have the experience in getting people paid. We have seen  people now with 1.9 million dollar BP Claims getting paid, other people have gotten a $300,000 offer negotiated to $900,000 before it could be accepted by the client.

Its time to change side an go after all your losses with a good attorney, fill out the free case review today and let us help you with your BP Claims. If you had a boat in the VOO fleet fill out the free case review and get in on the BP settlement that will take place there.