Seafood BP Settlemnt Sounds Very Good


Just reading though the BP settlement documents but had to stop to tell people about the part of the BP settlement. The Seafood program in the BP settlement are for commercial fishermen, Seafood boat captains, boat crew, oyster leaseholders and seafood vessel owners. The multipliers they have released today in the BP Settlement document is from 3.25 times to 9.75 times 2010 losses.

BP Settlement Seafood Claim

All I can say isĀ  boys get your federal fishing permits out and lets take your claims in and work them up.

Here is the BP Settlement Maps for people to look at.

I am just working now on getting the BP settlement Zones up so be patient with me but click the link and it has some already.

I think this is great news and a shrimp boat captain that also does blue crab can claim under both compensation plans. There is a cap on the seafood BP settlement of 2.3 billion dollars so we got to have everybody in to the BP settlement as fast as possible. If you are a boat captain, crew or have oyster leases get in contact though the form on the right and let us get you the compensation that you deserve from BP.

BP Settlement Document Documentation requirements

In the new documents that have come out today it states that if you don’t have tax returns other documentation can be used to prove you BP settlement claim. The more documentation you have the more money you are going to get, but even without all documentation you can still file a claim with the BP settlement and get paid.

Another interesting part of the BP settlement are causation is given for people along the gulf and seafood people but the way people can prove causation away from the gulf are very smart. Let me try and explain it and not loose all my readers.

So if you sales in 2010 after the oil spill looks like a V when you plot it on paper, that is enough to prove causation. So how does you sale look like a V after the spill here is an example of sales that would look like a V when plotted.

April sales 100,000 , May sales 80,000, June sales 60,000, August sale 60,000, September sales 80,000, October sales 90,000, December sales 100,000

I hope you all understand this else try and plot the numbers down on a graph paper and draw a line and you will see the V-shape curve.

So if you where a business 200 miles from the Gulf but could prove causation from your sales numbers that the BP oil spill impacted you business that is enough to get compensation from the BP settlement. I hope you all understand the significant of this as many business can use this that are removed from the gulf but still does business down here.

Subsistence Claims New Information

The claim that you are getting food from the gulf to your dinner table got some new information in the BP settlement document, and that is the multiplier of 3.25 times your 2010 loss in subsistence. So if you save $1,000 on seafood buy getting it yourself from the gulf of mexico you would be entitled to $3,250 from the BP settlement. The subsistence claims will be documented by sworn statements and witness statements. A taskforce from the BP Settlement will be out in the communities helping people with this claim.

VOO BP Settlement News

In the new BP settlement document the VOO paticipants will get a minimum of $41,600 ( 26 days of 1600) for the smaller boats and then the number goes up the larger your boat is. If you boat was damaged in the VOO you can get compensation for that. The compensation is to pay for repairs or replacement of the boat what ever is cheaper. Any boat that has damage caused by the BP oill spill can claim this on their BP settlement claim.

This is important for VOO claims that have already sign a final release on other claims.

GCCF Release and Covenant Not to Sue shall not prevent a Natural Person or Entity from
making a VoO Charter Payment Claim or a Vessel Damage Claim, nor shall a release covering only bodily injury

NOT TO SUE, provided, however, that the execution of a GCCF Release
and Covenant Not to Sue shall not prevent a Natural Person or Entity from
making a VoO Charter Payment Claim or a Vessel Damage Claim, nor
shall a release covering only bodily injury prevent a Natural Person from
making Claims under this Agreement.

More to come today as I get though the whole document.