GCCF Let The Waiting Game Begin, Your BP Claims Story

Still Waiting For GCCF to Make It Right ?

By now most of the people still reading my blog are waiting for BP to make it right. Well let me just tell you that you are not the only one that are playing the waiting game. Yes I have hear from the attorney’s we talk to that claims has been paid, maybe as much as 1.5 million worth of claims but there are still a lots of claims out there that has not been paid. So why are we all waiting for the GCCF and BP to do the right thing and getting people paid ? By looking at GCCF‘s own numbers about 30% of all claims has been paid. So that still leaves 70% of the claims that has not been paid yet.

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GCCF waiting game

What can I do to get paid by the GCCF ?

We the easy answer to that question is that is all that we can do, but that is an easy answer as there is always more than you can do to get your BP claim paid. So what should you be doing as this movement to get you GCCF claims paid. Well let me try and put together a list of things. These are things you can do by yourself to get the attention of the GCCF and to get your claim paid or review so you can move on with option 2 if GCCF is not going to make it right for you.

Option 1: You have decided to wait for the GCCF to pay you and not go with an attorney at this point

There are a lot of people that have selected this option let me save the money an attorney is going to charge me and let me do it my self and if the GCCF comes back with an offer that is to low or a denial then I will find an attorney. That is an option that I can relate to as I like to get stuff done myself. So if you have selected this option here is what you should be doing.

1. Go to your local GCCF office and talk to a few of the people in the office there. Get their names and business cards. After you have talked to them in the office make it you job to call that person 2 times a week and ask if there is any updates to you case. Keep calling them until they send you a settlement letter with your offer for interim and final claim offers. Take any interim claims money they are offering you where you don’t have to sign away your rights. When they offer you a Final BP Claims think about it long and hard and see if they are offering you the right amount to take care of your loss. If they are accept it, if they are not go to point 2

2. If they offer they are giving you are to low, ask yourself what it should be according to the calculation you have done following the GCCF metrology they have laid out with 2 times your 2010 loss. If the offer they are giving you are 25% or more below the offer you should be getting sign up on this page to talk to an attorney. If the offer from the GCCF are close to what you should be getting according to you calculations talk to an attorney only to make sure you are not forgetting anything or to confirm you are doing the right thing.

3. If you get denied but you feel you have a legitimate claim against BP for the loss the BP oil spill cost you fill out a form and talk to an attorney. If they sting you along for more than 120-150 days talk to an attorney and sign up with them and get in on the group settlements that will be going on this fall.

What can an attorney do to get me paid by the GCCF ?

First the attorney’s are in contact with the GCCF all the time resolving cases and getting them settled. That is what they do for a living so they are good at it. The take large amount of cases all servers or bartenders or cleaning people and they will settle them all at once. They talk to people at the GCCF that actually has answer to the questions they have about your claim. Not people that just tell you they don’t know anything. If the GCCF is not ready to settle you case at this time, your attorney will be ready to go to trial for you come spring next year if you have not gotten money before that.

Option 2 You have to selected to find an attorney but don’t know who to go with

This would be your option after the GCCF does not help you or you can simply not find anybody in the GCCF that will give you a straight answer to your claim. Also it could be that you have been denied by the GCCF because you don’t fit into their box of people that should be paid. Don’t worry you can still get paid you just need to talk to an attorney about your claim and then sign up with them if they like you claim.

So how do I know that the attorney’s I am sending your claim to from my Free Case Review on the right hand side of this page are right for you. Well let me tell you that story. I had some people from New York that wanted to get all the leads from this site and help my readers. I very fast found out that these people knew nothing about what was going on in the gulf, had no experience dealing with BP and was just not the right people for my readers. So I looked around and found some attorney’s that has made a livingĀ  going after BP for all the stupid stuff they have done around this great country just to save a buck. So I contacted them and have talked to them ever since about helping my people. Once you fill out my form and talk to them you will understand what I am talking about and why they are normal people that can help you in the situation you are in with the GCCF.