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Help With Your BP Claims

The Feinberg wall For BP Claims

It has been reported that the BP claims process was running smoothly when BP was running the show and then August 23 money stop flowing for about 3-4 weeks before the process got back on track again and money started to flow again. Was this just a adjustment to the new system or was this the Feinberg wall that people hit. I will give the guy the benefit and say the adjustment to the new system would take a few weeks to get things right.

Now every time I hear a story about people having a claim story they fight and fight with the claims adjusters and call in political favors before the money gets paid out, so it appears that pressure on the claims adjusters or the Feinberg office now located centrally for the oil spill in Ohio (I hope you got the sarcasm, as I was laying it on pretty thick) will get claims paid out.

So does that mean the little man on the street will have a hard time with a legitimate claim compared to the beach front resort that has political friends ? Well for sure bringing in Feinberg and people hitting the ” Feinberg Wall”  with their claims, where all they do is ask for more paper work to be filed so they can assess your claim is for sure a bad thing when getting into the BP Claims process.

Another thing I am a bit concerned about is the final claims payment, that everybody that has made a BP Claim must refile for the final claims payment, in a public document Mr. Feinbergs office writes.  ” No final claims have been paid because the GCCF has reviews under way to determine whether claimants intended to file a final claim. After a final claim is paid, claimants give up their right to sue BP for more damages under the GCCF process.

So his office do not expect people to file the final claims payment for future damage to your business or personal wages, I hope that most people take the first money from BP claims process and then contact an Attorney to handle the final claims payment process, as this might be where the process goes into a law suit to get the real number for final claims payments finalized.

If you are getting the run around with file more paperwork or “I don’t know the status of your claim” its time to contact and oil spill attorney to help you in the process.

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