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Florida Oil Spill Law firms

The state of Florida is one of the 5 states most affected by the recent major oil spill that happened at the Gulf of Mexico. Like the other affected states, Florida has also suffered major losses in properties, businesses, wildlife and health. A lot of Florida residents, business owners and even visitors are experiencing the impact of this oil spill in their lives.

Also, as tourism is one of the major players in Florida’s local economy, a lot of efforts are being made to make sure that the tourism industry does not get affected overmuch. Florida’s Panhandle, the northernmost part of the state just above the Gulf of Mexico popular for its translucent water, has gotten the number one spot more than any other geographic area. However, the oil that is contaminating the water near Florida’s panhandle beaches are threatening to ruin damage control efforts for Florida’s tourism.

Florida oil spill law firms

Find a Florida oil spill law firms for your business.

This threat has caused a lot of Florida business owners to temporarily close down on their businesses, giving them huge income losses.

This, coupled with a hundred more businesses engaged in the seafood market who have also experienced profit losses, caused Florida oil spill lawyers to devote their effort and resources into filing oil spill claim cases and criminal lawsuits against the companies accountable for the oil spill. They are actively campaigning for oil spill victims to take legal actions against the companies responsible for the disaster.

Listed below are 5 of the highest ranked Florida oil spill law firms according to their clients’ reviews:

Top 5 Florida oil spill law firms

1. Cole, Scott and Kissane, PA – West Palm Beach, Florida

2. Reimer And Rosenthal LLP – Weston, Florida

3. Terrell Hogan Ellis Yegelwel, PA – Jacksonville, Florida

4. Ruden McClosky – Tampa, Florida

5. Hinshaw and Culbertson LLP – Jacksonville, Florida

These Florida oil spill attorneys work hard to find documents and evidence that they can use in order to prosecute the parties responsible for oil spills that have happened. These lawyers are expert in the field of environmental law which make them the perfect lawyers in litigating oil spill cases. Depending on the gravity of the situation, they will be able to give the client the best legal advice on how to proceed, given the client’s situation. As these Florida oil spill law firms are ranked very high by their clients, they give the best possibility of winning a case over against the accountable party. Florida oil spill law firms