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Help With Your BP Claims

Transocean Short Form Fill It Out Before April 20 2011

This is a heads up to all the readers of my blog. If you are still not represented by an attorney, and you think that maybe sometime down the road you will need an attorney to go fight for you to get you the money you deserve please hear this. There is a dead line for Transocean the company that owned the Deepwater Horizon drill rig. The dead line is April 20 2011. Since its not many days away I suggest that everybody goes to this website Please Click Here


Short Form Has To Be Postmarked April 20, So you can still send it today before midnight and it will be ok. Today is the last day for the Transocean part of this mess.

They just changed the form to a PDF document that you now have to mail (US Postal snail mail) to the courts in Louisiana. So here is where you have to send the short form after you fill it out.

Clerk’s Office

500 Poydras Street

New Orleans, LA 70130

If you need an attorney to help you with this fill out a form on the right hand side and somebody will call you back today.

transocean short form deadline


On this page you can reserve your right for possibly filing suit against Transocean in the future, if you do not fill out this form, April 20 2011 marks the date when you can no longer bring you case against Transocean. So if you what to hedge your bets it would be smart to fill this short form out.

Can I still File a BP Claim After The April 20 2011 Deadline

The answer to this very heavy search terms is YES. You can file a claim against BP and the others involved with the 2010 oil spill from now until forever into the future if you become damages from the oil spill. The GCCF will only accept claims until August 23 2013, but if you get sick in 10 years and want to file a claim talk to an attorney then and you can file a claim.

Why the Transocean deadline then ?

Transocean is trying to limit its liability in the case, using some 1890, to limit their liabilty to around 27-29 million dollars. This old law says they are only responsible for the junk now on the bottom of the gulf that once was the Deepwater Horizon drill rig. Now if Transocean will be successful or not in getting their liability limited we don’t know yet, and that is why everybody should sign up with the short form above. If you want to talk to an attorney about this that would be a good idea to.   I would suggest you do this part and then sign up with an attorney to handle you case as this deadline is getting real close.

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