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Update: GCCF Claims Stats

GCCF Claims: How Many People Have Been Paid?

We’ve done stat updates in the past to see how many GCCF Claims were paid out, and what the amount of those GCCF Claims were. It’s been over a year since the oil spill now, so we want to take another look at how far they’ve come to┬áre-compensating┬áthe people whose livelihoods BP destroyed. This info comes from the GCCF’s own website.

Let’s start with how many people have been paid GCCF Claims period. The GCCF is currently processing 302,757 claims. They have paid out 144,744, which is less than half of all claims. That seems pretty pathetic after an entire year of people suffering has passed, so let’s look at some more details about what’s going on with GCCF Claims. The GCCF has told 7,944 people that they had no losses (this may or may not be true). 547 people withdrew their claims, 28,213 were told they need to send in more information (a famous GCCF Claims delaying tactic), and the GCCF has outright denied 82,093 claims (even though they had losses). 21,968 claims are still waiting to be reviewed. So all-in-all 140,765 people still have not been paid or made an offer for their GCCF Claims. That is A LOT of hurting people.

How Much Do the People Who Did Get GCCF Claims Money Get Paid?

If you thought the number of people not getting paid was bad, this is really going to piss you off. Of the 144,744 people who did get their GCCF Claims money, 116,035 got the low-ball quick pays. That means over 80% of the people who got money got a crappy offer that probably was not anywhere near how much they actually lost. Quick pays are $5,000 for individual claims and $25,000 for business claims, but if you have been out of work or business has been slow for a whole year, you better believe you’re in the hole a lot more than that. The GCCF is trying to make people desperate by asking for more info and denying claims so that they will take their super low quick pays.

So What Can You Do About Your GCCF Claims?

Unless you’re one of the lucky few people who get an actual final offer for their GCCF Claim instead of a quick pay, there is not a whole lot the GCCF is going to do for you. Your other option is to get some representations and force the GCCF and BP to pay you what you deserve. Only 42,477 people have decided to take the fight to BP in court so far, which means the GCCF is winning. They are tricking gulf coast residents into taking their crappy quick pays every day, because people are desperate and the GCCF has lied to them to make them think that whatever they say is what you will get for your GCCF Claim. It’s just not true.

If you would like to get some help with your GCCF Claims, or even just talk about your claim with an expert, feel free to fill out our free case review box and we’ll connect you with someone who can help you.

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