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Updated GCCF Statistics. Who Is Getting Their BP Claims Paid

Today I want to look at how far along the GCCF is in paying BP Claims. When I looked at this last time we saw that all the Quick Paid Claims had been paid, but very few of the interim and final claims were paid out. Only about 5% of the interim and 6% of the final claims had been paid.
Now lets take a look at the numbers from yesterday may 11 2011, directly from the GCCF website.


GCCF Quick Pay 97% Paid

Quick Pay 115,340 people ask for this and 111,774 got paid so 97% of Quick Pay claims have been paid. These claims are for $5,000 or $25,000. I don’t think there is any big surprise here because these low claims are what the GCCF wants everybody to take, and they are keeping everybody hostage until they take it. Hello where are the media or the politicians on this one? These guys are crooks– don’t let them get away with it.

GCCF Interim Payments: Only 14% Have Been Paid

For the GCCF interim payments there have been 77,013 claims submitted and only 10,253 have  been paid. That comes out to 14% of interim payments paid. That is up 50% from last time we looked at it in the end of March, but it’s still way too small. Remember the interim payments are setup to pay your losses from the last 3 months. I really like the Interim payments as a way to protect against future damage from the oil spill, but only 14% have had luck with that. The way GCCF is handling it is just ridiculous.

GCCF Final Review Only 19% Paid

So lets look at the numbers for people who have filed for a GCCF final review. Here we have 107,418 people that have filed a claim for final review of their oil spill claim, and 19,702 have been paid, which is about 19%. This is a little better than the GCCF Interim payments as this is what the GCCF wants, but it’s still not that high because they would rather people just take quick payments. They want people to sign away their rights to future litigation against BP.

Now what can be done about GCCF being so slow in paying out the claims? GCCF will tell you as they do on their website the following:

What is GCCF Saying ?

Look at the cases that have been reviewed

Quick Pay: 98.5% have been reviewed and 97% have been paid

GCCF Interim Claims: 79% haven been reviewed and 14% have been paid

GCCF Final Review:  86% has been reviewed and only 19% has been paid


GCCF is Denying Or Delaying 43% Of All Claims

So if they have reviewed all these cases why have so few been paid? Lets look at some more numbers.

From the pool of people that have asked for an Interim payment or a Final review payment, 6,756 people have gotten a letter stating that they had no loss. I would like for everybody with that letter to fill out a form and let an attorney take a look if the GCCF is correct in that. Secondly in that same pool of people 45,744 people got a letter asking for more documentation (this is their standard delay tactic if you don’t have an attorney) and 57,141 were denied their BP claim. Again the people being told they where denied should fill out a form and let an attorney have  a look at it. If you are in the pool of people being asked to provide additional information I would think hard about if they are just trying to delay paying you or if there is something you think you can do to get the ball moving. I would visit the GCCF office and see if there is somebody there to talk to. I know that it’s always the same story, that they don’t know or they can’t tell you anything but still keep pushing.

Now when we add these people up that has been delayed or denied we get to a number of  109,641 people that are in limbo. That is out of 258,576 people in the Final review or interim claims pool. You know what that means? GCCF is denying or delaying 43% of all claims not represented by an attorney. Again I want you all to find representation, fill out the form, and get tough on the GCCF.

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