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Help With Your BP Claims

Using An Oil Spill Attorney

I have made a new section in the right side of this blog going to a directory of oil spill attorneys from each state, this is where you can find an attorney to handle your bp claims and if you need somebody to handle your final claims payment negotiation.

Why do you need an oil spill attorney ?

When it comes to the process of emergency payments and lost income/profits the case is really clear cut if you can show W2 or tax returns of your income in prior years. When it comes to the final claims payment that BP will offer you to go away and never come back and ask for money again, things gets a lot more tricky as BP will say, next summer everything is back to normal so we will only pay you for 6month or 1 year in lost profits or income. What you or your attorney will say is what if the tourist do not come back next year what will I do then or what will happen to my business. This is where an oil spill attorney will come in handy as he/she will be able to help you in this negotiation and help you get as much money as possible from your oil spill claims.

What will an oil spill attorney cost me ?

You can get an attorney that works off a percentage of your claims payment, so you would not have to pay anything up front. You would have to pay the oil spill attorney money from the final claims check that you will receive from BP, the percentage is between15-25% of your claims money in the final payment. Is thisĀ  a good investment or not in having an attorney by your side is for you to decide. Having an oil spill attorney by your side will probably be a good thing