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Help With Your BP Claims

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There are starting to be many contibutors to this website with stories being written about the BP claim process, and I would like everybody with a BP claim story to tell to share it with me for publishing here on this blog. Please send your story to

For people writing regular on I would like to thank everybody for their contribution to  keeping the pressure on BP and the oil spill claim fund to do the right thing and to pay as  promised all legitimate claims

This blog is in No way affiliated with BP and we are trying to bring to life the stories about people left without a voice in the big circus that this BP claim process has become. Not that we don’t believe BP and the oil spill claim fund is doing a good job, because in many cases they are. But the task to complete because of the magnitude of the BP oil spill is so overwhelming that we should keep an eye on the process and give the people without a voice a place to tell their stories.

Again we hope that this website has given you some good information and we hope that your claim when ever you file it will have a better chance of success.

If you want your BP Claim story out please send an email explaining what your went though good or bad and we will publish it here.